How to Create an In-Your-Face Casual Dress Code Statement…

Kris Dunn Culture, Kris Dunn

Proud of your casual dress code?  Looking to brand your slackness and even take a "slightly uncomfortable for outsiders" approach to promoting your love of t-shirts and flip-flops?  Easy – order these t-shirts from HBO for your entire company…Suits suck

From the Entourage e-store…For those of you who follow Entourage, you know these shirts come from the indie Director, Billy Walsh, who wears this t-shirt to show his distrust of any managers/agents/hangers-on who don't add value (in his view).

Now, the same t-shirt is available for you to make a statement about your dress code.

Is there a company out there that might brand this?  The only one I can think of that's counter-culture enough might be the gang at Starr Tincup.

Anybody else come to mind? Let's hug it out….