You’re So Vain – Or at Least You Shoud Be…

Kelly Dingee HR Technology, Kelly Dingee, Social Media

Were you one of those dedicated personal branding gurus who made sure they stayed up on June 12th to get your Facebook vanity user name?  How did you name yourself? Real name? Catchy moniker? Me? Well I went for the real name.  But that goes back to how I interact on Facebook, more so with friends and fam and a few business pros that I feel comfortable sharing the personal me with.

I had several peers stay up or awake early to attempt to secure their choice user name.  Some missedSocial%20media%20starfish their window of opportunity, but some totally got the name they wanted.  I had no problem getting my user name, let’s face it, there aren’t that many Kelly Dingee’s around.  But, while that’s a great feat and all, what concerned me more was when could I get a vanity user name for my company’s Facebook Fan Page.  That’s important.  First of all I want it before anyone squats on it.  That is beyond annoying. Second, I wanted to be consistent across the social media we have profiles on.  And third, if I can shorten the url and rid it of the random numbers, that’d be great too.  A whole lot cleaner when I mention the link online.  And ultimately, I want our company to be as easily findable as possible by our current and future clients as well as our current and potential employees.

But it wasn’t as easy as I thought.  When I checked out the user name option for Fan Pages, I found out two things.  One, user names for Fan Pages were being rolled out to pages with 1000 members or more, at least if you were trying to do this around June 12th.  But with a little patience, you would wait until June 18th to claim your name.  We weren’t quite to the 1000 fans with our Fan Page so we opted to wait.  But I got it.  And now, on at least 3 of the the top social media sites, we are consistently named and easy to find.

But what about you?  June 28th has come and gone.  As I visit corporate fan pages, I see so many that are not taking advantage of this unique opportunity to easily brand their company on the site that has over 200 million members worldwide.  So go now, get yours.  And start making your company transparent across all networks you decide to join.