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John Sumser has a pretty interesting series underway at – he's attempting to define who the Top 100 Influencers are in the HR and Recruiting Industries.  Check out more about why he's doing the series and how he defines influence here.

It's a pretty impressive list so far, including Bill Kutik, China Gorman and William Tincup.

Oh yeah, he just named FOT taskmaster Jessica Lee to the list also… Here's a piece of what John wrote regarding JLee's place in the Top 100 Influencer group:

"As a recruiter, Jessica practices the most sophisticated form of the discipline. Much of her workJessicaleetop100 involves informational interviews with her growing network. In DC, the difference between Recruiting and other active forms of networking is yet another nuance. The pipeline is filled with information and warm relationships. She gets close to her pipeline so that, when it’s time, the actual recruiting happens quickly.

Part social media maven, part Recruiter and part editor, Ms. Lee generates influence on a variety of fronts.

Rapidly becoming the in house social media guru, Jessica is helping position key players in the DC stratosphere in their social media contexts. She’s the editor of the highly regarded “Fistful of Talent“, a collection of bloggers published by Workforce. Combined with her high profile role at APCO Worldwide, she has reach, reputation and credibility beyond her years and junior position. This is what it looks like when you are on track to exercise a large role in the industry."

The series is different in a good way, and it sets John and the readership of RBC up to have a long-term, intellectual conversation about influence – how it's defined, who has it, how you lose it, etc.  Good stuff and a project that will seemingly go on for over a year..

Head over to RBC and check out the series.  Congrads to JLee for making the list early. I'm sure she'll still return my calls.  Right Jessica?

Jessica?  Hello?  JLee?