Live from HR Florida 2009: What is… and are Job Boards Dead?

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Greetings from Orlando, Florida where Kris and I are in town for the 2009 HR Florida Conference & Expo… the annual 3831954891_5b103559a8_o Florida state SHRM shindig. Monday, we served on a panel session for the conference focused on HR and blogging, and whether the two can coexist peacefully along with some of our blogging pals, Michael, Michael and Laurie (pictured right… Kris, Michael V., Michael L., Laurie and moi from left to right). Can you imagine? All five of us at the same table talking social media and HR? The session flew by faster than you'd believe but I'm hopeful that our audience took away some positive, practical tidbits on how blogging and other social media tools can make you a better HR pro or recruiter.

So, beyond our panel session, this is a conference which means of course, there's all the normal junk swag that vendors are giving away in the exhibitor hall – which is jam packed with all sorts of HR service and product providers ranging from folks from the insurance, recognition, training, HR consulting, and technology space. Notably absent in the exhibitor space though? None of the big job boards are present… meaning CareerBuilder or Interesting yeah? Which of course begs the question that many others are asking… are job boards dying?

We did stumble upon though. Kind of a job board, kind of a way for employers to help brand themselves in easy manner and kind of a way to jump into social media for recruiting… but it's all based on the local market. Make sense? Yeah, we're not entirely sure either but tune in below (email subscribers, click through to watch the interview) to learn a bit more about Watch the video though for a bit of a chat with the folks at Jobing, and then weigh in – are job boards dead? And are any of you using Jobing locally?

FOT + jobing interview @ SHRM Florida 2009 from Fistful of Talent on Vimeo.

Jessica Lee

Jessica Lee is a VP of TA at Marriott International where she leads a team that enables the company to think big, broad and boldly about all things talent acquisition and in effect, keeps them relevant and ahead of the curve in how they attract and acquire top talent. Don’t be fooled by that fancy pants title and description though, she’s still an everyday HR gal in the trenches at the core. SPHR certified, a decade and a half into trench HR life… she can whip up a corrective action plan or source for your purple squirrel in a heartbeat.

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