Paying It Forward…Bringing the “Moms” Back to the Workplace…

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I have a soft spot for getting “Mom” back into the workplace.  My oldest daughter is entering high school and if it weren’t for some incredible bosses and one person in my network that always thinks of me when he has a fabulous sourcing opportunity, I am certain it would’ve been challenging to find a job that meshed with my family life.  But what if I were on the hunt today?  This is a regular discussion with the moms in my world, whether I see them at the bus stop or at dance class.  This recent article from WSJ is spot on its assessment that Moms work not only through their former co-worker networks but also via their neighborhood networks to find that stepping stone back into the work world.

Two sites are on my radar for my “Moms” that are job hunting this fall.  I plan on recommendingMom-corps-logo-big MomCorps and Keep in mind, before I recommend any site I want to be able to have the Moms actually see jobs, and not be inundated with MLM opportunities.  These two sites do a great job of delivering the goods.  If I were a Mom hitting this site, I wouldn’t stop by simply searching jobs at these sites, I would also create alerts on some of the aggregator sites and big job boards, as well as locally focused sites, all of which will greatly increase each Moms job search reach.  MomCorps is an incredibly accessible site and forward thinking in having a Twitter account for its CEO as well as a Facebook group. has a great deal right now, free job postings for employers, and if they can reach the Moms online with some creative marketing (hint ** try Facebook), could be extremely successful.  If I were an employer trying to diversify my workforce, I would definitely consider adding these two sites to my roster of resources.

There are other sites online just for Moms too, and employers should consider investing some time searching sites like the social network  A quick XRay of the profiles on there with job titles or professionally related keywords can yield some great candidates.  (Here’s a quickie to get you started, try “research scientist” ).  Will you get a complete resume? No.  But it’s another way to dig into that Mom demographic.  Note to Moms on the hunt, make sure you mention “what you do” on every social site you’re on.  Recruiters look everywhere these days!

Moms should also jump into the fray of LinkedInGroups.  Even if you’re the mom who’s opted to stay-at-home for a bit, you can – and should – be on LinkedIn, especially if you’re considering rejoining the workforce.  WomenForHire is one group with great potential for moms returning to work.  Don’t stop there, search the groups on LinkedIn for “Mom” and you’ll find many more, including MomsExtraordinaire, a group dedicated to working Moms.

And never forget going local.  Connect virtually and face-to-face with your local network.  And get your elevator speech ready – some great advice on that here.  Work on these two items now. You’ll be amazed at the connections you develop and the reach you will have in your job search.