Using Twitter for Employment Branding? 15 Things Recruiters Can Tweet About…

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What’s there to tweet about? I’m asked that question frequently. Folks Twitter whalenot yet on Twitter seem to think they aren’t interesting enough to share their lives in 140 characters. I’d beg to differ though. And for those considering jumping in for their organization to help build up your digital employment brand, I thought I’d provide a practical primer of fifteen things to consider tweeting about. First thing’s first though. Using Twitter will only work if you’ve got a kicking brand already – you can’t buy this stuff and you can’t make any of it up. If you think you’re ready to jump in though, here are some simple ideas to get you going:

  1. Employee programs. Even if something “new” isn’t necessarily happening with your program, candidates may not be aware of any or all of your programs. Tweet out weekly or monthly about a different program. Just mention that you offer telecommuting, your employee volunteerism efforts, if you have an on-site day care, sabbaticals… simply share about it.
  2. Link to blog posts, articles and other thought leadership pieces written by your staff. Give folks a glimpse into the minds of folks they may work with or under the direction of.
  3. Post photos from your corporate events– picnics, a health fair, a staff meeting, recognition events.
  4. Company press releases… but find the talent or people-related angle with news your company might be announcing. Open a new office? Did anyone transfer there? Share that development opportunity and show people the paths that they may be afforded in the future.
  5. Link to your job postings. Simple. But don’t overwhelm your feed with job postings. And don’t forget to shorten your URL down.
  6. Interview/selection process.If multiple rounds of interviews are the norm, if you always do panels, if you are really unstructured – any and all of the above are good to share.
  7. Bad candidates.You walk out of an interview that really bombed. They didn’t ask questions. They were unprepared. They answered their cell phone. You have stories of situations where the candidate simply acted a fool… share. Let your followers learn what not to do with you.
  8. Good candidates. What wows you as an interviewer? Share it. Let candidates learn what resonates with your company.
  9. Events + appearances. Recruiting events, conferences, other speaking engagements. Tell people where you or people in your company are going to be whether it’s a traditional recruiting event or not. Let them come find you live and in the flesh.
  10. Offers and new hires. Have a high profile new hire? Share it via Twitter. Finally fill a hard to fill role? You don’t even have to announce or reveal the identity of the hire. Simply share when a position has been filled.
  11. Career advice. Turn your Twitter feed into a destination for advice on careers in your industry. If they look to your feed as the authority for jobs in your sector or industry, it can’t hurt. Even if you’re not recruiting a ton at the moment.
  12. Did someone else mention your company in a tweet?(Because hopefully, you’re monitoring for that!) Re-tweet it. Answer their question, say something affirming, clarify the issue they raise.
  13. Non-work activities.Have a company softball team? Share the team’s record. Share the wins, share the losses. Share that the CEO just came out to watch the game. Just share that you know how to have some fun with colleagues.
  14. Other digital networking tools.Periodic reminders about your Facebook presence, your blog, your LinkedIn group and what have you… newer followers might not know about your social media presence. Remind them gently, particularly if you’re making a substantive update to any of the channels you’re on.
  15. Other employees on Twitter. If there are employees in your company on Twitter, who newly sign up or maybe they were on Twitter already and were just hired, share these folks with your followers (so long as they don’t mind…).

Do you have some ideas now for what to tweet about? If not, folks that I’d recommend you take a look at and consider how you may emulate? Besides @jessica_lee and @FistfulofTalent, I’m also behind @APCOjobs. My pals @SodexoCareers and @lifeatmcgladrey are great examples of corporate recruiting presences on Twitter. I also like the folks at @KPMG @emccareers and @hyattcareers. So go on now, tweet! Tweet, tweet, tweet!