Would You Pay $50 for Deep Recruiting Content on a Blog?

Kris Dunn Kris Dunn, Recruiting, Sourcing

It was only a matter of time – lots of great resources and talk about recruiting on the web, and now someone takes the mother of all monetizing steps – asking you to pay a monthly fee for it.

What's that you say?  You don't believe it?  You say it will never work?

You might be right, but before you give your final answer, consider the topic and property – a site peppered with sourcing infomation and "how-to's" from Jim Stroud.  More on the launch of "The Searchologist" from The Recruiter's Lounge:

"Industry insider Jim Stroud debuts the lead generation blog – ” The Searchologist.” The Searchologist is a blog that gives tips, tricks and strategies about Online Lead Generation and Resume Sourcing. It is ideally suited for  recruiters and  sourcers seeking passive candidates and sales professionals prospecting new business. The Searchologist is updated each week and features tutorials,  how-to videos, forum discussions and weekly video broadcasts over the internet. It is chiefly written and produced by Jim Stroud, but will soon feature content from other leaders in the field.

Nowadays, a lot of  recruiters and  sales professionals have to pay for their own training without company reimbursement and I wanted to be sensitive to that when I launched this site,” Stroud says. “This is why The Searchologist is priced so competitively when compared to other training programs and/or  webinars that teach online lead generation techniques to recruiters.”

Webinars on Online Lead Generation for Recruiters average $100.00 and some hands-on training programs range from several hundred dollars to just over a thousand dollars for an all day workshop. In contrast, Jim Stroud offers basic and  cutting-edge strategies of online lead generation strategies on a monthly subscription basis. For a monthly fee of $49.95, subscribers will have access to all of the content hosted on The Searchologist blog. (The subscriber fee of $49.95 is an introductory price.) It is also notable to mention that Jim Stroud has a generous affiliate program connected to The Searchologist as well. It is powered by ClickBank and pays affiliates monthly commissions.

When asked why he has decided to tie-in an affiliate program with his new site, Jim made the comment, “Recurring income is a beautiful thing. I don’t mind sharing the wealth.”

The Searchologist is available online at http://search.jimstroud.com"

So, what say you?  Is Jim crazy, or crazy like a fox?

My thoughts – the subscription model is an interesting one in the digital world, but in order to deliver the goods, acquire subscribers and retain subscribers, the content has to be items you can't get elsewhere.  The world of opinion won't support a subscription model – that's why 99.99% of all blogs (or even general websites for that matter) won't ever intice others to pay.

But, sourcing from a guy like Jim Stroud?  It's crazy enough to work.  When I think of my own life as a recruiter, if Jim can help me find 10 unique candidates a month whom I wouldn't have gotten otherwise, then it's worth the fee.  If anyone can help me do that, then it's probably Jim Stroud.

My only concern is if I can carve out the time to use the resource to get the value.  At 20 bucks, I'm willing to pay for months before I get to that.  At $50, I've got more of a barrier to pull the trigger, knowing my own limitation/humanity.

Good luck, Jim – if anyone can book recurring revenue on the recruiting side of the house, it's you…