A Success Story – Using Social Media to Recruit. And There Are More….

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It’s noisy in the blogosphere when it comes to using social media to recruit. Lots of folks have things to say about it. How to do it. Why to do it. What’s so great about it. Some folks have a little bit to say about metrics and measurements and results. But I feel like it’s not often enough that we’re talking about results. I like hearing about folks who have gotten jobs because of social media, like you see here. But still, I don’t see enough success stories. We can’t be out there on social media proclaiming all of its greatness if we don’t have results. So what have you done with it?

Here’s a success story of mine. A recent hire. It’s a good story.

September 17th, 9:13am. I put out a tweet using my personal accountTweet  and it’s pretty harmless. I say I’m going to be looking for some entry level folks interested in health policy/healthcare comms. That’s all I wrote. I didn’t include a link to a job posting. I just made the statement.

September 17th, 1:08pm. I receive an email via Facebook from someone interested in the health policy role. It turns out that her friend follows me on Twitter, saw my tweet and told her about it.

They go to this blog which is linked to my Twitter profile. They find a link to my Facebook account which is linked to on the blog. And then I received the email. And then I asked for her resume.

September 21, 12pm. I did a phone interview with her.

September 23, 12:30pm. She comes in for her first round of in-person interviews.

And then a few more interviews a few days later. Then a final interview. And then I made an offer just a few days after that. She started working for APCO last week and we’re all thrilled to have her on board.

How ’bout them apples? Right? I tweeted something pretty harmlessly. They went to my blog to learn more. They then contacted me via Facebook. And then the wheels started turning. Twitter. Blog. Facebook. Oh, and one other detail about this story? Her friend was following me on Twitter because a recruiter at a competing company recommended that she follow me during an informational interview where she was asking about people in the industry to pay attention to for jobs. Read that again. Community matters. Networks matter. Relationships really matter. And – there was no cost to this hire except for the investment of time and effort I’ve made to be a good, contributing member of the social media community. That’s it.

And there are other success stories out there. So, what’s yours? What have you done and where have you found success? Help me de-mystify using social media to recruit. Hit me in the comments with your stories.

PS – I’m going to be talking about this story and the many other success stories at the Social Recruiting Summit in NYC on November 16th. Will we see you there? We’re going to be having conversations about social recruiting tactics and strategies – not just more pie-in-the-sky ideas. Come meet me and Kelly Dingee, who will also be in attendance, there.