If I Drank All the Zappos Kool-Aid, Wouldn’t My Teeth Be Green?

Kris Dunn Kris Dunn

Sackett says Zappos is ruining HR.  I disagree, but Sackett's also saying that I've drank all the Zappos Kool-Aid across the interwebs.

I like Zappos and think we can learn from them.  But they're simply one source for Best Practices in culture, talent and HR.  Take what you like, then make it better.  I think Tony would appreciate that approach, and I think that's the service their trying to provide by being so visible.  

Make it better, people.  Freestyle your own flavor.  Just do something.

Don't hate the player (Zappos), hate the game (anyone who promotes what they do in HR being a beacon for a backlash). 

I cut this little video to respond fully to Tim Sackett, who is still gainfully employed at FOT:

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Zappos from fistful of talent on Vimeo.