Tune In! A Human Resources Happy Hour on Thursday, 8pm EST!

Jessica Lee HR Happy Hour

A Human Resources Happy Hour radio show... huh?

I’ll admit it. I thought it was kinda nerdy at first. An HR radio show? Really? Get together and talk about HR and recruiting and talent related issues at what would be typically known as a real happy hour time? Like I’d really like to trade in my $4 well drinks with friends to go listen to a radio show about HR? Talk about nerding out. Big time.

And then I listened in on a whim. And then I called in. And then I realized it was kind of fun. And this week, the Fistful of Talent crew is taking over the HR Happy Hour show hosted by HR technology pro and blogger, Steve Boese and his trusty co-host, HR pro, Shauna MoerkeWe will be going live on the air on Thursday, November 12 at 8 PM EST and talking about who’s next – that is, who’s gonna be the next generation of HR pros? We’re going to cover what we need out of the nextgen, who’s going to be take the reins from the current guard and blow HR out of the water. And that doesn’t mean blow HR up and make it go away – because I’m not sure most of us (well, me at least!) think that HR’s going anywhere anytime soon. So who’s next? Who’s going to take things to the next level? If you’re out there as an up and coming HR pro or even a student studying HR who wants to become the new guard and part of the next gen who takes things to the next level, then tune in because this show’s for you as we explore who’s next and what you’re going to need to make it. 

You can tune in on Thursday at 8pm EST by simply hopping online. (If you’re on Twitter during that time, use the hashtag #HRhappyhour to keep the back channel flowing.) And if you’re compelled to call in and talk with us – maybe you think we’re totally full of crap, or maybe you think we’re totally right – the call in number is 646-378-1086.

Microphone check, one-two, one-two. Next caller!