Recruiting Recruiters and Sourcing Sourcers – There’s Always a Way.

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So, last week, Laurie Ruettimann of Punk Rock HR fame was trying to hunt me down. I have the honor of moderating a panel at the #SocialRecruiting Summit today in NYC and we had set a time to touch base, but Laurie was on travel and my number was MIA. Long story short, she needed to find me. She did, eventually, due to our mutual network, but it really got me started on how would you source a sourcer? Or even better, how do you source a recruiter who can source? Because in 2010, many HR teams need multi-tasking wunderkinds!

I’d start with professional networks.  Any sourcer worth their salt is going to be on these to some varying degree.  Just as I’d search for any other professional on LinkedIn, or even better, by XRaying LinkedIn, I’d do the same for finding a sourcer.  An easy way to do it? Use LinkedIn’s advanced search interface and look for recruiter or sourcer in the job title and tag on additional key words like: “AIRS Certified”, AIRS, CIR, CDR, CSSR, etc. Sometimes those terms will be easy to spot, like on Nicole’s profile here. Other times, that information will be within the prospective candidate’s profile under “education”.

Look for groups or fan pages too, like on Facebook, Ning or even within LinkedIn. There are many sourcers and recruiters within alumni training groups, particularly this one.  It’s a pet project for me to post job openings looking for people with AIRS experience, so for a hiring manager, you’ll be in a very targeted arena and can post job openings, too.  I’d be completely remiss if I didn’t suggest you check out groups like SourceCon, TheRuthieList and JobAngels as you try to find your very own “Sourcing God“. And if you’re a hiring manager who wants to find a sourcer who will use Web 2.0 to its fullest extent? Then try an XRay like this one of Twitter.  It’s fairly specific and will draw great results.  Tweak it for location, add and drop keywords to find the sourcer you need.

Really want a boatload of results?  Then try a search like this on Google – no fancy Boolean required:

(bio OR profile OR “about me”) (sourcer OR recruiter OR “talent acquisition”) (boolean OR airs OR cir)

Finding sourcers is not the hard part, just like it wasn’t hard for Laurie to see my profile on ten different social networking sites when she “googled” me. But my phone number wasn’t floating around in a quick search. If I was an active sourcer in a corporate or third party environment, you’d find it on my LinkedIn profile, as well as everywhere else, so candidates could reach me. But my professional focus is different right now, and I’m not on the job hunt, so I don’t have my number out there willy nilly.

But there’s still a way. There’s always a way. Pipl. It rarely fails me. Put a name in there, username, email, whatever….you do get results. And with just two “Kelly Dingee’s” in the U.S. – it becomes easy to narrow down who is who!

(PS – See Kelly live as she’s moderating a discussion at the #SocialRecruiting Summit today. Tune in at ERE where the entire day will be streamed live – for free! Kelly’s discussion starts at 11:15am EST, and at 4:15pm, dial in for FOT Editor, Jessica Lee, who is also presenting at the Summit.)