Lessons Learned from One Sourcer in 2009…

Kelly Dingee Kelly Dingee, Recruiting, Social Recruiting

2009 for me has been about bringing my “A” game – every day.  Every single day.  Nothing is ever the same, especially in the arena of internet sourcing and recruiting.  It’s an exceptionally fluid medium, and in the Social Media arena, sites can change on a dime.  I think that’s why I’ve developed a love for training, because live courses that accommodate the fluidity of this medium can show Recruiting professionals how to problem solve.

I could sit here and revisit with you all the challenges we faced in 2009.  But I’m not going to.  We lived it and are coming out the otherside.  I’m extremely hopeful and excited for 2010.  But as I think about the year gone by, here are some of my lessons that I think have made me a better professional:

380850 There are no guru’s.  I loved it when I attended TWTRCON and there were literally the icons of social media and PR sitting on a panel and vowing they were not guru’s – that we’re all learning about this medium together. And each of us has a different perspective and analysis. We’re all bringing something to the table.  So for me – the phrase “guru” is rather passe, and well, “last decade”…..especially in the land of internet sourcing and recruiting.

Be Humble.  Every once in a while, I get a bit cocky and think I know it all.  Fortunately, I work in a company with people as experienced, if not more so, in recruiting and search.  I’ve learned to learn from them, they make me better for it.  And I totally own when I’ve made a bad call. They have made me a much better sourcer and trainer, and I have to thank them for that.

It’s not a hack if you’re sourcing outside the firewall.  I heard one of our trainers say this during the past year and I love it.  Be real about what you do.  Much of the classic search techniques are extracting the information you need from publicly indexed pages.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone – Move The Damn Cheese.  I own that the bulk of my recruiting experience is in Telecom and Engineering.  In some ways, that can be an easy ride when sourcing online. But, I am happy to take on tasks that are outside my usual knowledge base.  I learned more in 2009 about sourcing for professionals in Mining, or Biotech experts with Monoclonal Antibody experience, than I ever thought possible.  Set yourself up to be successful no matter the industry with a good strategy and toolkit.

Test Your Limits.  I am an introvert.  Classically so. Public speaking is huge for me, but I’ve found if I’m speaking about my company, sourcing, recruiting, or social media, that I don’t care how big the group is.  I love talking to other HR professionals about solving their recruiting issues and tactics they can try.  Having a love for that gets me over the insane panic of speaking to large groups.  And if we’re going to thank someone for getting me over this hump, it’s @BobCorlett, the man behind ProjectSAME.

Social Recruiting is more than building a Facebook Fan Page.  I mean that in a nice way.  You should have a strategy to source and brand using Social Media.  Keeping the whole Find and Attract mojo working.  And you should certainly diversify beyond Facebook.  If you’re still trying to convince your HR higher ups to embrace Social Media as an asset to your recruiting strategy, show them this. (Thanks @lisarosendahl and @mikevandervort)

Social Media is not the quick fix on your sourcing strategy.  I am a firm believer in multiple components to augment your sourcing and recruiting plan.  Job postings, with the right job board for your needs, are important.  Employee Referral programs are key. Sourcing is paramount.  Multiple sites, resources, career fairs, college recruiting, diversity initiatives, etc., are all part of the ingredients that help you bake the ultimate recruiting cookie.

I love the cloud.  I do. I feel like I should do a YouTube video for Google.  Their many features have made my professional life bliss because of their accessibility and recruiting usability. I am a working mom with 3 active children. So I work everywhere, laptop in tow. Google helps me do it.  And a Passport Drive, because let’s face it, you need a portable back-up.

Carpe Diem.  When opportunities arise to meet people you’ve networked with online, take it!  I was so happy to have the opportunity to meet some tweeps in DC like @jessica_lee, @therecruiterguy, @sodexocareers, @lifeatmcgladrey and @lruettimann.  I will make the commute in if you’re in town, because having a live conversation over a 140 character trade-off is invaluable.  I really enjoyed the #socialrecruiting summit, not just from the great speakers point of view, but because I got to meet so many clients face-to-face and have off line chats about social sourcing.

Thanks so much for all the value YOU have brought to my 2009 and to all the people who made me excited to do what I do in such a challenging year. As for 2010, all I can say is…Game ON!