You Don’t Have to Be Social to Recruit via Social Media. Really.

Kelly Dingee Uncategorized

You don’t have to be social to be engaged in recruiting via Social Media.

Many, many recruiting professionals will not even step onto the top Social Media sites, because they’ve already built the “I don’t have time” wall. Or better yet, IT has blocked the site.

But I don’t think you need to engage to source from Social Media. I think you should because I think building a personal brand and tying it to the company you support is an excellent idea. Many people are doing this well, building followings, funnels if you will, and having success hiring. Your authenticity and personality lend a 3 dimensional quality to your company in an online forum. And it’s free. At least for now.

But, I also realize that the average recruiter these days has to multi-task. Your department is probably as small as it has ever been. You may have been sucked into the administration tasks like Open Enrollment, or Onboarding or maybe even delving deep into metrics and headcount planning. And by the way, this multi-tasking is good for you. But that’s another post for another day.

What I will say about sourcing through Social Media is this. Setting up accounts on various Social Media sites gives you a view into their structure. You’ll see how indepth the profiles are, if at all. You’ll also see the options you have to reach candidates on a site. And keep in mind I did just say profiles. Profiles are filled with user generated content and so often when we self-identify, we describe ourselves professionally.  These profiles are key to making social media sites sourcing treasure troves.

And the IT blocking thing? I understand that’s problematic. You can use search engines to PowerSearch, XRay and FlipSearch information these social media sites and they all enable their users to put a lot of profile information out to the public. But don’t avoid it because you know IT has blocked Twitter or whatever site you’re trying to access. Instead, view the cached version. You won’t trip onto the social media domain, but you will be able to see the profile information. And even if you don’t receive complete information, take what you’ve got to Google, or better yet Pipl, and see if you can generate even more contact information.

There are ways around having to actually be social on Social Media if you’re hesitant about the time suck or have firewalls to deal with – so don’t avoid recruiting and sourcing from them altogether. Figure out how you can make it work within your company and embrace this resource for the next year.