New: Company “Follow” Feature. Thank You, LinkedIn…

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LinkedIn – thank you so much! It’s not even my birthday but you’ve just made my life so much easier… I can follow company pages and their updates now? For free? And you’ll send me daily updates? Yes! And companies can’t block me like some do on Twitter? Love it some more.

Screen shot 2010-04-29 at 10.34.42 PM Okay, okay. So why is it that I’m so happy? Well, I’ve been navigating LinkedIn for a number of years now, and pretty much thought I had down to a science how to keep an eye on competitors. I was delighted when I could RSS my Linkedin updates and will admit that was becoming a bit cumbersome to scroll through, but you’ve just made my life blissfully easy with Company “Follow” feature.

No more will I need to queue up competitors one by one. I’ve set it up so I get updates daily… to my inbox. I see who’s coming, who’s going, who’s been promoted. I can get a handle on trends and can certainly see if anyone’s cherry picking employees from certain organizations.  I’m getting obvious detail on what departments are hiring and where there is none. I know this is all user generated information… but damn, people are certainly providing a lot of information! All in the name of networking.

This is pretty sweet.

And yes, I decided not to follow my typical “bull in a china shop” mentality and hide my member activity feed for the time being.  I thought I’d make these companies work for it to figure out if I’m cyberstalking them.  It’s not that hard, they can just check their profile and click on “followers”.  And yeah, I did mention they can’t block me, right?

What it really means though?  I’ve heard rumblings from HR Pros about how they don’t want their employees on LinkedIn – there’s too much company information there for competitors to poach. They forbid references, even in a social media environment. Will this add more fuel to that fire? Will companies demand a block button? Or the dropping of the follow feature? Or the option to blitz their company off of the site? We’ll see. But for recruiters, for the time being, this is great news for us.

Hat tip to Mike Merrill for breaking this news…