I’m Declaring My Independence from Organizational B.S.

Andy Porter Andy Porter, Engagement and Satisfaction, Performance, Working With Recruiters

We’re lucky to live in a country where we have the freedom to openly express ourselves and are free to make our own choices good or bad.  Why then, do we put up with so much b.s. in our organizations today?  For some reason when we walk through the door each morning, we put up with things that we would otherwise not tolerate in our real lives.  So, in honor of our upcoming Independence Day holiday in the U.S., I’m giving you my first ever Declaration of Independence from Organizational b.s. listBs.

I’m declaring independence from:

  • Leaders who say they want you to challenge the status quo and make real changes.  That is until the very first time you challenge the status quo and make real changes.
  • Managers who think that in a world of instant feedback and communication that it’s still ok to give their employees performance feedback 1x per year using some half-a*s performance review form.  Here’s some instant feedback – it’s not ok!
  • Any book that promotes the use of the “perfect phrase” for… anything. Come on. Pop quiz:  would you buy a book of perfect phrases to use on your significant other when you wanted to have an important talk?  Wait, don’t answer, it’s a trick question.  If you said no, then what makes you think it would work on your employees?  If you said yes, I’ll refer you to Dr. Phil instead.
  • Candidates who try and negotiate for more money by telling me that their friends are getting better offers or they “just thought they’d ask for more.”  First, your friends are lying to you by at least 10% or they are much better at negotiations than you.  Second, you just thought you’d ask?  What is this – an allowance?  Can I have my offer back now?
  • And finally, employees who complain day after day about this or that but NEVER do anything to change their situation.  Stop complaining and do something about it!  Look, our forefathers fought the British Empire at the height of their military prowess with an all volunteer army and crappy muskets.  I think you can muster up the courage to ask your cube mate to turn down the Lady Gaga.

That’s my list for now.  What organizational b.s. would you like to declare independence from?