The Top 10 HR Pros in the Next 10 Years…

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Hey – I bet you came to read to see if your name was on the list – didn’t you?  It’s all right, I got hooked into writing this the same way and in the middle found myself wondering what does it all mean.  About a week ago, I got a letter in the mail wanting me to nominate (or “self-nominate”) candidates for the next generation business leaders over the next 10 years.  Sounds harmless enough right?  Just a good group – like your local chamber or maybe even your local SHRM chapter – looking to reward and recognize some great Pros out in the community.  Then I read the fine print!

“Criteria for nomination:

1. Must be 30 years or younger

2. Professional centered in a certain geographical area

3. Minimum of 2 years of working experience”

Well, now doesn’t that just kick me right in the 40 year old a$$.  I don’t really have a problem with us trying to recognize young professionals – wait a minute – yes I do. When the hell are we going to start recognizing some old professioanls – some people who have actually done something in their life and are probably currently doing something in their life beyond becoming the mayor of Starbucks on the corner of 3rd and Waterbury Street!  When are we going to start recognizing professionals with 15 years of experience, busting it everyday and at the same time raising a family and contributing to their communities?

So, look, I get it – the middle aged white guy is all uptight because he didn’t get his soccer trophy for taking 8th place in the 8 team league. But, what I don’t get is our compulsive obsession in trying to figure out who’s going to be the next greatest whatever.  I truly don’t care to go down to the next Chamber meeting and hand out trophies to the 20 somethings and listen to their “acceptance” speeches on how with 3 years of experience in the rough and tumble world the’re ready to take over for gramps here – when they don’t have the first clue on how to take over – except for the fact that they are pretty sure there must be an App for that.

Again, don’t get me wrong – I love the younger generation and how they keep telling me that we no longer need offices and work hours and can do everything that is ever needed from our phones – well except actually do actual work and pay bills.  Here’s an idea that I love – at your next local whatever meeting, start the process to nominate the Next 10 Pros in the Next 10 Years who won’t still be living with their parents.  Now, that is something I’d like to see…I might even self-nominate myself for that award!