BranchOut vs LinkedIn…Who Wins With this Sourcer?

Kelly Dingee Kelly Dingee, Social Media, Social Recruiting, Sourcing

I read about BranchOut here and here.  I am always a sucker seeking that golden app that will let me see all of the 500 million Facebook profiles and where they work/what they do, if they served up a resume too life would be grand. I had to download the app post-haste.

Tree  So, what do I think about BranchOut? It’s okay. I was kind of tickled at first.  I like numbers so I get to see how many friends I have and then the exponential blow out of friends of friends.  I can definitely see where my friends work, which I kind of already knew, because we’re friends.  And I can see that they have friends who work at Microsoft or Shady Grove Adventist Hospital or wherever.

What can’t I see?  The names of their friends who work at these places.  Sure, I can solicit an intro.  But at least with LinkedIn, if I don’t have any connection to the person I find, I can:

a) see their name

b) see where they work and approximate location

c) get a little crafty and locate some contact information

I don’t have to leap through the hoops of the introduction process or InMail all the time. Sometimes yes.  But not all the time. I know, I can connect with others on BranchOut, add them to my network if you will, and in theory, see where some of their friends work.  But I hate click throughs, I really do.  I get up to 5 and it totally exhausts my patience, especially if I know I could get better, more robust information on another site.

Also, if you read John Zappe’s items on ERE regarding BranchOut, he duly noted that the content BranchOut is aggregating is user generated. And quite often people don’t put their work information on their Facebook page.  I expected my neighbors to be missing this, but was pretty surprised when I saw icons like Jessica Lee and Kris Dunn have also neglected to do that too!

For now, LinkedIn is the winner…at least for me.