The Pros for HR in a Bad Economy

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I’m kind of sick and tired of reading/listening/watching so much negative information on the economy. I get it. We’re down, we’re out, we’ll never come back – it’s the worst of all time. Sure, it makes for headlines  – but otherwise, all the chatter probably isn’t really helping move us forward in a productive manner.  And I have said this before – In my heart-of-hearts I’m a glass full kinda person – I see the bad all around us, but I also see the opportunity in front of me as we look to rise up again – that’s my choice.

With that – I think we have a number of positives in HR, currently, and I wanted to share with everyone, maybe to help brighten up your day.  Here’s my list of what’s good in HR right now:

  • Endless Supply of Those Plastic Resume Folder Covers. (I mean these things are like anywhere from $.67 to over a buck at the stores – and I now have a lifetime supply to pick from.)Plastic-Thermal-Binding-Cover
  • Call Backs. (Boy, do I remember a time in my recruiting days when you’d make 20-30 calls to get one call back – now, you can make 10 calls and 9 will call you back – this is just awesome.)
  • Very Few A**hole Candidates. (I know you remember these people – those recruiting certain IT positions still have them! I’m talking about candidates who are in high demand, know it, and act like complete idiots because they are so full of themselves.)
  • Better Vendor Stuff. (Most would think the opposite of this – bad economy must mean vendors do less, not more. Wrong!  Bad economy makes vendors work harder for each account – and HR folks get the benefit of better conference giveaways, more free lunches, golf scrambles – you name it – the sales people are working hard again!)
  • Less Bitchy Employees. (HR Pros don’t like to talk about this – but it’s a fact – bad economy and all of sudden everyone loves their job, loves their company and they all go out and get the corp logo tattooed on their butt.  It sure is nice for us HR folks!)
  • More Executive Face Time. (When times are busy and sales are through the roof – it’s tough getting some one-on-one time with executives.  In bad economy times – all of a sudden your executives are sitting in your office and wanting to speak with you – use it wisely young Skywalkers.)
  • More Potlucks. (Let’s face it – 99% of HR Pros are cheap – so when the going gets tough, the HR Pros go to the Potluck – and our employees love them – everyone gets together, eats way too much food, and we are all better for it.)

HR Pros – embrace this time of the bad economy – it will end at some point and we’ll be wishing for a time when we could get candidates to call us back, when we never had to deal with candidates who were more conceited than the varsity cheerleader captain, when a vendor would not only show up – but showed up with donuts and tickets to a game – when pimping you for business, when you didn’t have to spend 32 hours a week talking people out of leaving your company, when it didn’t take 2 months to get a meeting with your VP to discuss projects and when all of your employees enjoyed a Friday afternoon sitting around eating crunchy cole slaw salad and sharing kid stories – but you still won’t need plastic resume covers, remember you already have a lifetime supply.