Finding (Potential) Candidates’ Email Addresses

Kelly Dingee Candidate Pool, Kelly Dingee, Sourcing

Some candidates get really freaked out when you email them.

I mean… how could you possibly have gotten their email address, right?

In their bag of tricks, a lot of recruiters may tap into sites like Spoke, Wink, Pipl or 123people.  And I did just have a recruiting professional recently share with me saying he prefers to use:

lastname company email

Image2 as his search in Google. But he was also a bit frustrated because that usually generates results for him from Spoke, Wink and 123people… which if he wanted to use those sites, he would have in the first place.  They don’t always reveal the quick result we want and you can get caught up in sifting through the information on those sites which might not always be relevant to your original intention.  Hence, a big time suck.

Me?  I keep it pretty simple.  If I find a name, job title, and company all together, I’ll highlight the information, right click and select Google search.  If the person has a company email online, it typically surfaces with this technique.  And it takes me two seconds.

But what if the email doesn’t show?  I use Google to try and reveal the company formula.  Pretty quickly with this technique:


The * in Google, well… I think we all know that holds a spot for our missing keyword(s).  And in this example it will reveal emails that are in any kind of format so:

And so on.  You get the picture.  I do advise that if you see your results are coming from 4-5 years ago to just check and see if you can find results dated 2010, in case the structure has changed.  More likely than not, if the person is still with the company, IT will have set up some kind of rule to redirect email from the old address to the current.

And don’t tell anyone, but the other resource I use? Our ATS. Often at least one other person has worked at the company I’m sourcing from, and as our company’s ATS continues to receive new resumes, I’ll find a current employee has provided the email structure I need. Bingo!

Happy sourcing!