A Question for Linkedin Aficionados – Oh and HR Folks Too…

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Linkedinquestion There was a time when competence was a necessary evil for doing your job.  I remember a day when my boss actually expected me to know how to write a proposal.  He/She wanted me to understand the ins and outs of designing reward and recognition programs.  I was actually held accountable for learning my craft and understanding how what I did affected my clients.

I know – can you believe it!

There was a time in my career when I was actually evaluated on the skills I brought to the table and was either promoted for growing in my job or potentially fired for not.

Ah… the good old days.

But those days are gone – it seems to me at least.

LinkedIn Questions

I have been following LinkedIn questions for a while now.  I have a few feeds set up to scour the LinkedIn interwebs for questions for which my background and expertise just might be the right fit. Initially I spent a lot of time answering questions, fighting to be heard over those with no expertise and no reason to weigh in but for some reason still felt compelled to offer their bit of advice and counsel.  Kinda like a lunch with The Real Housewives of (insert any city here.)

That wasn’t fun so I just watched from the sidelines shaking my head.

But lately I’ve noticed that LinkedIn folks are starting another, almost sinister practice.

The practice of outsourcing their own job to others on LinkedIn.

Anyone Know How to Fix This Mid-East Thing?

What I mean is there are people collecting a paycheck from their company as say, a social marketing specialist, and the minute they punch the time clock they hit LinkedIn and ask the world how they should do their job.

  • “Anyone know how to do DRIP marketing?”
  • “Can someone point me to research on social media?”
  • “Does anyone know a good whitepaper on lead generation?”

Oh… HR isn’t immune…

  • “Hi, What is Employee Relations all about to the corporate world???”
  • “What does Grade 6 Exempt mean?”

Yes… the last two are real and they are from “HR Professionals” as described in their LinkedIn profile.

So, here’s my question for you HR folks…heck, for any manager…

What would/should you do if you saw your own staff out there asking question for which you are already paying them to have answers?

I kinda understand the whole “crowdsource” concept – but really – at what point are people just outsourcing their roles and responsibilities to LinkedIn – or any other social network.

Should you just update all job descriptions to a single sentence…

“Must be able to access a ton of people on line and ask questions on how to do the job we’re paying you to do and implement their ideas.”

I’m waiting (and it probably won’t be too long) until I see a LinkedIn question or twitter update from President Obama that says something like ….