KD’s New Company: Kinetix!

Kris Dunn Kris Dunn

Some of you might remember that I announced at the end of August that I was leaving a great job to do something purely entrepreneurial with my career.  It's been busy since I left DAXKO, but I've made some big decisions along the way.

First up, I wanted to let you know that as part of my strategy, I've elected to buy a piece of an KIN-Logo-NoTag RPO company based in Atlanta named Kinetix.  I've known the sole holder of the company for awhile (Shannon Russo - check her out here – she fits the vibe at both the HR Capitalist and Fistful of Talent), and I think she's a great match for me as a business partner.  

Kinetix is a RPO firm for growth companies that does 3 thingsRecruitment Process Outsourcing, where companies outsource all or big chunks of their recruiting needs, single position recruiting/staffing on a contingency/contract basis, and HR Consulting.  Our company is the perfect size for growth moving forward, thus my purchase.  I'm excited about continuing to practice what truly energizes me – HR and recruiting – and hope to help more people as an owner of my own firm than I could as a corporate guy.

You can find our V1 of a new website at www.kinetixhr.com.  The site will mature over time… But take a minute or two to read some pages on the site.  If you like the Capitalist and/or Fistful of Talent, you'll like what you see on this site.  We're dedicating to telling clients the truth, and we're not afraid to take risks in doing so.

You'll start seeing me affiliated with this company, so I wanted to let you know.  I'll be listed as the Chief Human Resources Officer from a positioning perspective, but make no mistake, I'm also an owner.  It's amazing how different it feels when you make the commitment required via a big investment.  

Energizing?  Sure.  Scary?  You bet.  I've apparently got more fear than Eminem does these days.

As far as how the HR Capitalist or Fistful of Talent fits into any of this, it's pretty easy to describe. Neither the Capitalist or FOT will get rolled into Kinetix, both will remain independent voices.  My bio will obviously say that I founded FOT and I write there and at the Capitalist, but we won't co-opt either into Kinetix, etc.  

One thing that's pretty obvious to me is this:  Shannon's just like our readership at FOT and the Capitalist – lots of energy, opinion, etc.  When I look at Kinetix as a company, Shannon's done a great job to date.  We think the challenge moving forward will be how we command a voice in the market that's differentiated from other RPO firms. 

If you know me, you probably already know my answer to that question, and Shannon agrees:  We think the way to differentiate is to grow the company in a way that looks and feels a lot like the team and readership of FOT and the HR Capitalist.  Call me a dreamer…

I'd be a lame owner if I didn't remind you that I'm looking for ways to help people like you individually and collectively moving forward.  All you have to do is call…