Charlie Sheen + Social Recruiting = Major League Mess…

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In case you missed it here or here or here, Charlie Sheen is a hot mess.

But, I’m confused, because in my world when I snort coke, get fired from my job, lose millions of dollars…and my twins, and say nasty things about my employer, I proceed by crawling under a rock. I DON’T move forward by hiring a social media intern to “increase [my] base of followers”.

From an HR/Recruiting perspective there are two things I’d love to know. First, what will the interview for this position look like? Second, is a Social Media Internship for Charlie Sheen career genius or career suicide?

Lets start with the interview. Below are the questions that I believe only make sense for this type of position:

  • Can you tell me about a time when you worked for someone who was completely out of control? What happened the day you realized this person was…not all with it? How did you react?
  • Knowing everything you know about the current Charlie Sheen situation, what do you think the best plan is for building his personal brand? Do you believe our strategy should revolve around creating a clean image or should follow the philosophy that any publicity is good publicity? What if Charlie wakes up one day, decides your choice is wrong, and wants to start promoting the other option?
  • How do you feel about smoking a little crack at work once in awhile?
  • The future career path for this internship position is that of Charlie’s “Goddess”. What are your thoughts on that type of promotion?
  • Charlie’s habits can get expensive, how do you feel about getting paid in IOU’s?

I know I must be missing some…what else do you think will be asked during the interview?

But would this be Career Genius or Career Suicide?

Career Genius:

  • The intern will create and execute on a social media strategy, which is good experience.
  • In one day on Twitter, Charlie Sheen had a million followers. The fact of the matter is that this campaign has the potential to be huge and managing a big campaign is another plus on the resume.
  • Lets face it, having this position on your resume will get you in the door for any position related to marketing/social media/advertising. It might not get the intern their next gig but most recruiters would love the chance to get the inside scoop on this internship.
  • Life is about who you rub elbows with and a savvy intern could be making amazing connections while in Charlie’s presence. Who knows, maybe there is another (not so scandalous) superstar who needs help with his/her social media strategy as well.
  • Any intern in this role will get a very clear understanding of what it’s like when the line between life and work is blurred for famous people. This could be a really big eye opener for someone looking for a career in the spotlight.

Career Suicide:

  • All this Charlie Sheen hype is just that and after this ‘flash in the pan’ dies down and the train wreck is over, people won’t care what he’s doing every second of every day. When interest declines, so does the intern’s job security.
  • If you get the internship, and all Charlie wants you to do is help promote some of his more questionable comments and activities, future employers might wonder where you stand ethically.
  • Rubbing elbows with stars (especially those with major drug habits) can be a dangerous lifestyle to get involved in.

My Opinion? My resume has already been submitted and I’ve begun preparing for the interview. I say, career genius!

But what do you think?