It’s All…

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Say what you want about Social Media… it’s narcissistic, voyeuristic, self-indulgent and so on. Quite often, it’s all about me, right? What I’m doing, where I’m going, when I’m hanging with the cool kids, when I’ve just left a job…

ItsallaboutmeBut, with all the self centeredness of it all, there are times when social media should be all about you. Especially if you’re trying to be findable in your job hunt, whether it’s an active, “I need a new job now hunt” or “I’m just checking to see what’s out there hunt”. I’ve been watching .me domains for several months now which, interestingly enough, I actually got turned on to because of my 16 year old. Some boy offered to start driving her home and I, of course, had to background him. Sorry, that’s just me. Turns out he’s a great kid, but he had a link on his Facebook profile to “” which got me hooked on .me sites.

I’ve always been a fan of Google profiles – they are a great place to use as an online homebase, catch all your online profile links and tell a little about yourself. But darn it, .me sites are just so pretty and customizable and really give you an opportunity to showcase who you are and provide various ways for you to link or embed your resume, your online profiles, contact information and so on.

Want a great example for a jobseeker? Check out Laurie DesAutels page. It’s great, detailed without being overwhelming and has links to all of her social media sites and email. She’s made herself accessible, on her terms.

And for recruiters and sourcers? It’s so easy to find people. Start with your basic old school Boolean and then x-ray search the domain. Here’s a starter string: (java OR jdbc OR j2e) developer 

That’s going to bring you a ridiculous amount of results, and some are job postings. So narrow it like this (I’m using Google as my search engine in this example): (java OR jdbc OR j2e) developer (intext:resume OR intext:linkedin)

And if you want to be even more focused, you can restrict your searching to a particular site, like where Laurie’s set up her profile. Try this search string: (java OR jdbc OR j2e) developer (intext:resume OR intext:linkedin)

Now these .me sites can literally be a Pandora’s box – no doubt when you start to explore, you are going to find more sites to target in your research. Often digging here is best for national searches (i.e. your client or company is open to relo or virtual) because the location identification is up to the user creating the profile and who knows what they’re going to put… but it’s definitely a destination to explore.

So bottom line? As a jobseeker, get there and get linked. And as a recruiter, start searching.