On Giving HR Advice…

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I wrote this post about how to get a job. It’s here.

And that thing has to be the worst writing idea I’ve ever had.

I wrote it because I wanted to HELP people get jobs. I wanted to reach the people who did stupid things, like call HR 100 times a week, use weird fonts on their pink resumes, wear pants around their knees with their boxers showing, and can’t shake hands – I wanted these people to have something to read that would give them a basic understanding of how to find a job. “Basic” being the key word in the last sentence.
So why is this the worst writing idea I’ve ever had? Because the darn thing has about 400 comments.  400 COMMENTS! I should be so proud, right? WRONG. This freaking post got Stumbled over and over and now it just won’t go away. I feel obligated to keep up with all of the questions from people looking for a job. This post is becoming a full time job. And I should be fired because I am not doing my part with the advice giving.

Another problem? The trolls are out. They don’t like the post or me. And they probably also hate things like babies and puppies.

For example (these are actual comments):

“Obvious advice from a snobby corporate drone. Unimpressed.”

“Obvious and uninteresting.”

“You’re a fucking BITCH! Damn!”

“WOW! While you have some good points: dress well, be on time, be honest, etc; some of what you say is absolutely dreadful! Ms. Meredith, come down off your high horse and put some useful tools and suggestions out there. And perhaps you might not be too surprised if YOUR company finds one to replace YOU who is not quite so, well self righteous! Signed me, Thankfully employed, and not with your company!”

“You talk about your online presence and I just Googled your name and found something you wrote about being a Russian mail order bride. Not professional.”

Good thing I am not in the job market right now!

And then there is my very favorite comment…

“This is so sad. There’s nothing ‘human’ about what you do.”


To which I replied…

“You’re right. When I’m not trying to help people get jobs, I am slicing up kittens in my basement. Thanks for reading!”

So, HR Pros, if you feel up to it – go over there and give these people some advice because I am whooped. I have really been slacking off and more and more comes in every single day. If you don’t feel up to it – just laugh really hard about the guy that said there is nothing “human” about what we do.