Bite me Google…(I’m a human, not a machine)

Kelly Dingee Kelly Dingee, Sourcing

I am a known Google addict.  Love it, love the browser, toying with purchasing a chrome book of my own.

But this….


…irritates me to no end.

Nothing like being on a tear and working through a search to hit this wall.  And occasionally, I can’t just get by with entering the magic word once, that damn thing comes up 10 times in a row.

But I gotta get my job done.

So I’ve been looking for a way to avoid it, yet still generate results.  Most of the time I run into this lovely message is when I’m using the site: command on Google to review Linkedin public profiles.  When I am doing that I have to run a “clean up” command.  Everyone has their own way of doing clean up (i.e. looking at more public profiles, less directory listing), many people prefer:

(inurl:in OR inurl:pub)

I tend to prefer:


largely because it takes up less character real estate.

Recently, when I was using the inurl: command, that Captcha message started to haunt me.  So screw it.  I won’t use it.  At least not for my Linkedin searches.  Instead I tried this for clean up:

And it works like a charm – nice clean up – excellent list of results including profiles falling under “in” OR “pub” and yet not a directory listing among them.  It doesn’t thrill me that I’m losing some characters that I could use for keywords, but I’ll survive to get the best list possible.

Bite me Google.