Point/Counterpoint – Should You Automatically Pay Severance to Anyone You Fire?

Kris Dunn Uncategorized

FOT Nation – today we've got a point/counterpoint related to whether you should automatically pay severance to anyone you fire.  Check out the posts from Steve Boese and Kris Dunn, they're riffing off a quote from Jonathan Kaplan (founder and chief executive of Pure Digital, the company that made the wildly successful Flip camcorders) related to how he dealt with the ‘bad hire’:

“If you hire someone bad, fire them immediately and give them a big severance package so they feel good about you. We gave our workers four to six months’ severance, even if they’d worked only four months. You might think that’s crazy. But it was our mistake to hire that person. And it’s not that much money, really.”

Steve says, "Pay Up, My Friend"….

KD says, "Formal Severance Policies Are For Suckers"…

What say you?