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My digital friend Frank Roche has a great series going on over at KnowHR (go there and subscribe now if you’re not already following) – it’s called Bad HR Stock Photo of the Week.  Go check out this week’s version, it’s a great primer for how many HR vendors and HR departments use photos that are too perfect and basically just beg you and me to be the cynical folks we’ve turned into.

The series inspired us to do something at FOT. What’s Social Media Reference Check Friday?  We show you a video, picture, text or audio file that might come across your desk as a hiring manager, you respond in an anonymous fashion and tell us whether the material might cause you to ensure the person in question never gets hired at your company.

We know.  You can’t do that.  You shouldn’t do that. You know most of you still do.  Save it for the judge, Billy.

First up – someone forwards you the video of this accounting candidate jumping off this swing.

Vote in the comments.  Move forward with her as a finalist or not based on this video?  Don’t put your name down, please.  PS – before you get too high and mighty back to me in the comments, think about this – your managers see the same stuff related to candidates without you knowing about it.  Hmmm

(hat tip to tosh.0 for the clip, but I can’t use his segment due to the NSFW nature of his show and general crazy remarks. FOT is not responsible for YouTube comments, titling, etc.)

We’re here to make you think. Have a great weekend.  Maybe go to the park, take the kids to the playground?  (email subscribers – click through for video)