VIDEO: 60-Second SPHR – Playing Both Sides of the Fence on Performance Issues

Kris Dunn 60-Second SPHR, Kris Dunn, Tim Sackett

Editor’s Note:  FOT loves to experiment.  With that in mind, Kris Dunn and Tim Sackett have launched a new series called “60-Second SPHR”.  It’s designed to cover ground that any HR pro has to deal with to survive and advance in their organization, but there’s no college course or certification program that prepares the upwardly mobile HR pro for the issues covered in this series.

Translation: School of hard knocks, HR style.  Screw it up and everyone will think you’re a flunkie of the CFO.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

Full Disclosure: The 60-Second tag is correct if you view it in a “yeah, but” kind of way.  60 Seconds to tell you about the series, then 60 Seconds each for Dunn and Sackadamus to get their pops in.  3 minutes total, but 60 seconds if you divide the total by 3.  We’re working on that.  Studies show that most people can tolerate a 3 minute video if they believe in the content, meaning you’ll cut it off at 3:00 and miss Sackett’s witty send off.  Which is perfect.

Today’s topic:  What real HR pros do when a manager is getting ready to move an employee out (after conferring with HR), then the employee comes to the HR pro wondering if they’re in trouble.

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