Hold up now…. Where’s your Social Media Policy?

Kelly Dingee Uncategorized

Alot of people like to talk about Social Media.  Alot of people like to talk about Sourcing and Recruiting on Social Media.  I count myself amongst them.  In fact, in September I have a presentation at HRA-NCA‘s fall kick-off meeting.  I’m excited…..I love to talk about using social media resources to do my job.  Everyone wants to know the “How”….and I don’t blame them.  But as I created this presentation, I looked back at it, and something was missing from the get-go.  What?  Policy.

Oh yeah.  That’s ironic for me.  I don’t have alot of rules imposed on me in my day job.  That’s not saying there’s not ethics.  But for general social media interactions and work related initiatives, I drive what I do.  But that’s been my deal since I joined the team.

If you are going to take your sourcing and recruiting team online, you need to give them guidelines (because Policy is just too….I don’t know….uppity.)  Here’s some I want you think about:

What’s Yours, i.e., the Company’s.  Sure you can have one person own the process, be the social media guru and official engagement manager extraordinaire, but make sure you have all those accounts tied into company emails, and know the passwords.  Also offer a level of accessibility to your interactions by listing who is responding to Facebook, Tweets, and LinkedIn group discussions.

What’s Mine, i.e., Mine! If you create a personal account on any of these sites and intend to use it to further your personal brand or assist in promoting your company, put it in your name (or username) and tie to your own personal email account.   Please include a disclaimer that anything you say is your opinion, not your company’s.

Interaction Expectations.  Don’t drop company secrets.  Don’t tell about deals that just signed unless it’s something everyone has agreed is okay to reveal.  Don’t get into verbal lashings with the competition or disgruntled consumers.  Behave yourself and use good judgment.  In doubt? Don’t push send.

Expect to be stalked.  By your boss, your co-workers, the competition, jobseekers, whomever.  And be ready to own whatever you have put out on line.  And if for some reason you made an error.  Own it.  If you didn’t make an error, push back.

Social Media Governance offers up 179 policies to guide you in the direction best for your team.  One of my favorite’s? Ford.  SHRM has a social networking policy template here and quite frankly, it is as I said before, uppity and fairly limiting, especially if I consider engagement opportunities.  But you be the judge.

Bottom line, set expectations for personal and corporate accounts, and spell out common sense good business behavior to facilitate engagement with your consumers.  That’s it.