Facebook IS the Future of Recruiting

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FOT01 himself, Kris Dunn, and I have been talking about the future of recruiting.  So much time is spent on job boards, LinkedIn, mobile, social, referrals, networks, etc., but Kris and I are simple folk – we need idiot-proof HR types of things. One thing we both agree on is whomever figures out recruiting on Facebook – is THE winner. Period. End of story.

With that in mind, we think the majority of HR/Talent Pros, like us, don’t get how to recruit on Facebook. I’m sure the big HR shops in the Fortune 500 have a good handle on it, but what about the other 99% of us, just trying to get through our days of FMLA, FSLA, oh by the way your 11am interview is here, Bob in Operations wants to talk about firing Mark at 12pm, and you still need to put together the 2012 increase matrix, because guess what?! You ARE it – my friend – in HR at your organziation. So how the heck do you think I have time to figure out Facebook for Recruiting?

You don’t – but we think we can help, with a little help from our friends at BranchOut and about 60 minutes of your time on February 2nd!  All for the Low-Low cost of – Free.  Register here – Social Recruiting – MacGyver Style: No Money, a Paperclip and Facebook – all a real HR Pro needs to recruit! We hope to give you a couple of silver bullets for your Talent Gun!

So, why did we choose to partner with BranchOut on this?  It comes down to relationships and leadership – BranchOut has tremendous relationships with Facebook (which not every App on Facebook can say) and Leadership that gets what small shop recruiters are going through.  Below is just a taste from Chris Merritt, GM of Enterprise for BranchOut (former executive with HotJobs and Monster), who sat down with me:

(Tim) Why should FOT readers believe BranchOut is the answer to Recruiting on Facebook and listen to you specifically?

(Chris) Well – I like pina colada’s and getting caught in the rain, which should count for something:)  Beyond that, I’ve been fortunate to work at the intersection of technology, companies and consumers in North America, EMEA and Asia. Through my own experience building teams around the world and working with the best clients in the talent acquisition business, I firmly believe that the best teams always win – and that’s what I’m focused on at BranchOut. Building a great BranchOut team, building world class recruiting products that leverage the Facebook platform, and ultimately helping our customers build the best teams so they can dominate their industries.

(Tim) Who is your favorite old school rapper and why? (this is our legit test)

(Chris) –I’m not sure it’s going to add to my street cred, but over the last few weeks I’ve been listening to quite a lot of classic Queen Latifah and LL Cool J from the early 90’s. People at the office like to make fun of this, but I can see it rotating more frequently on everyone’s Spotify… you know who you are!  AND while not rap or hip-hop, I encourage everyone to listen to Fela Kuti from the 60’s. It gives you an excuse to practice crazy hip movements… which drives my kids nuts as a bonus.

(Tim) Why will BranchOut eventually become the go to product for Talent/HR Pros to get Talent?

(Chris) Facebook has over 850M users, and they ARE using Facebook to network and find jobs. 18.4 million Americans say Facebook got them their current job. And the best way to find a job, and for companies to find top employees, is through referrals. 

That’s what we do – we help job seekers find out who they know at companies they want to work for, and we help companies find people they know who can introduce them to potential candidates. 

We’re also the largest professional network on Facebook, so when you put all of that together, it’s a great recipe for success.

(Tim) Is BranchOut a better choice than LinkedIn right now? If not, how does it get there and when?

(Chris) LinkedIn has developed a great set of products and is clearly doing well, but their focus is on the top 10-15% of the workforce. Our customers are telling us BranchOut is complementary to LinkedIn’s services- as we cover the entire spectrum of the workforce. 

Because our database is built off of Facebook’s 850M users, our customers tell us that we’re a talent pool that they can’t ignore. Some customers see us as a must-buy solution along with LinkedIn, and other customers see us as the only solution they need. It’s a flattering position to be in, and we’re continuing to work hard to build great products and expand our business.

(Tim) What is the future of recruiting (next 5 years)?

(Chris) The next 5 years will be a social recruiting revolution. Mark Zuckerberg was right, Facebook did change the world. And now it’s changing the recruiting world. 

According to a recent study, 89% of US companies will use social networks for recruiting this next year. And over 80% of companies will check a candidates online profile in some way before hiring them. Social matters. 

And with people spending more and more time on social networks, it’s fast becoming the quickest and most effective way to identify and reach candidates. Companies that want a competitive edge in recruiting recognize this and are quickly adopting products like ours, in addition to using traditional products like job boards, to help them source candidates

Register right now for Feb. 2nd – 1pm  EST – Kris and I will attempt to drop some Facebook knowledge on you to get your recruiting funnel loaded for 2012!