FRIDAY SHOUTOUT: Trina Wardell Gets Promoted, Film at 11

Kris Dunn FOT Shoutout

We’re going to try and do a better job at giving props to readers of FOT when it’s deserved.

No better start than with this one  – FOT favorite Trina Wardell just got promoted from Recruiter to Sr. Manager, Recruiting, at Einstein Noah Restaurant Group.  By our count, that’s like a three-level promotion –  Wowsa.   The comma instead of the dash between Manager and Recruiting is also telling.  Hmmm.

Trina’s a long-time member of FOT Nation and a Sparty (we only make fun of Sackett for that) and someone I’ve tried to recruit to write at FOT.  She’s always told me NO.  Apparently, she was working on her career.  Smart lady.

You like bagels?  Great.  Trina recruits people that are passionate about all things bagel in the QSR industry.  The sky’s the limit Trina – we’ll be tracking your career through LinkedIn and a GPS plant in your phone.  Be good.

Connect with Trina on LinkedIn and Twitter.  Drop a comment in below and tell her congrads.

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