Happy #TimSackettDay

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In case you missed it – yesterday was the first annual Tim Sackett Day!


Today is Tim Sackett day.  Tim Sackett IS HR.  He’s done HR for a hospital and Applebees.  He runs a recruiting shop now.  He’s got a blog that’s aptly named The Tim Sackett Project.  Problem is he can’t make a list of the most influential people in HR.  So a bunch of bloggers are getting together and dedicating this Monday to him.  It’s kind of like the SOPA protest, except the stakes are incredibly low.  We just want the world to know that Tim counts.

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What the heck is Tim Sackett Day? 

Let’s take a step back and try and explain.

In the last couple of years, more or less tied to the growth and increasing importance of social networking, online reputation, and emerging consideration, (and attempts to quantify), digital influence; the Human Resources and Recruiting world has seen a plethora of published influence lists, rankings, and other measures of (variously), popularity, importance, influence, quality, and so on.

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