WEBINAR: Give FOT 60 Minutes, We’ll Give You A Clue On How to Recruit On Facebook

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That’s right – we’ve got a FOT Webinar coming up on February 2nd.  We call it “Social Recruiting MacGyver Style! No Money, a Paperclip and Facebook – all a Real HR Pro Needs to Recruit.”  Cute.  Jaded.  We’d like to you register, but first let’s manage expectations related to what you’re going to get.

If you’ve already advanced your recruiting game to the point where 30% of your hires come from social, this one’s not for you.  You’ll be bored.  Your last name is Zuckerberg and you work in SOMA.  Please return to reading Techcrunch.

But… if you’re crazy busy and one of the things on your list is to try to get rolling regarding social recruiting in 2012, then we’ve got what you need.  Let’s face it, that’s about 98% of us, regardless of all the hype related to social.

Register now by clicking this link if you’ve heard enough.  Still need to be sold?  Keep reading.

Join us on 2/2, and we’ll help you look smart related to social recruiting, with a lot of the focus going towards recruiting on Facebook.  Here’s what you get if you join the FOT crew for 60 minutes:

  • Where is social recruiting heading, and why do you need to care as the HR rep of your organization?
  • How a 1-2 person shop can compete in social recruiting (with no money, a paper clip and Facebook…)
  • Understanding the difference between Facebook Pages vs. Profiles and how it drives your Facebook recruiting strategy
  • How to use rarely understood tools like Facebook Marketplace and Facebook Pay-Per-Click Ads to drive Facebook candidates to your open positions
  • How to use Facebook search features to locate candidates on Facebook and contact them without looking like a stalker.  (Register now by clicking this link if you’ve heard enough.  Still need to be sold?  Keep reading.)

Give us 60 minutes on 2/2, and we’ll ramp you up on Facebook recruiting.  We can’t say that you’ll get hires from Facebook from attending our webinar, but we’ll give you enough to be dangerous.  We’ll give you the gun, whether you choose to hunt or not is really up to you.   Still, it’s nice to know it’s there if you need it, right?

Bonus – even if you’re not sure whether you can make it or not, register anyway, because you’ll receive a follow up FOT Toolkit we’re calling, “How to Find and Contact Candidates on Facebook without Looking Like a Stalker”.  Who else can give you that?  We’ll break down the highlights from the webinar and add some style points.  Because when you get started with Social Recruiting, no one likes to look desperate.

I still haven’t convinced you?  You’ve got a webinar and a toolkit.   Register today and show everyone how gung-ho you are to figure this stuff out.  Fill in a blank on your professional development plan – without being asked.

Don’t have a professional development plan where you work?  That’s another webinar – make one up for yourself and register today.

Register now by clicking this link and join FOT on 2/2.  Still need to be sold?   We’ve got nothing else.  We love you, but we’re out.