An Adult Film Star Wants to Work Here

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It’s funny that this is really happening to me right now, especially since I have been asked this question before. Would I ever hire an adult film star? I have always told people I would never hire someone from that industry. And now, here we are. An adult film star wants to work here.

A very attractive and intelligent woman came in for an interview. She aced it. I would totally buy a car from this woman.  I was ready to make her an offer when a Salesman stopped by my office to talk to me.

  Meredith, is her dad a lawyer or something in town?

  Yes, he actually sent me her resume. Why?

  Just Google her name. It’s important you do this before you make a hiring decision about her.

And there she was.

Her huge personalities were glaring back at me. I was absolutely entranced by the whole thing. I had never spoken to an adult film star before this point. I had always assumed you would know if someone had a past like this by the way they talk, but I couldn’t tell at all.  And now I was faced with a decision. Could I really hire someone who has flashed her personalities to millions?

Nope. I cannot hire her.

How can I hire her after she was recognized by a Salesman? How will her quality of life be working here with everyone Googling her name non-stop? The IT Manager will go out of his mind trying to block it all. And what sort of legal problems are going to arise from this hire with my current employees? What if a customer acts inappropriately to her?

I understand that I work at a car dealership, and we’re not hiring altar boys. But that’s exactly the point. These are fun-loving car salesmen. I don’t need to confuse them by hiring someone who puts us at risk for a lawsuit.

I know what you’re going to tell me:

  • I should trust my employees to act like professionals around her.  I don’t.
  • I should give someone a second chance at decent employment. I won’t.
  • It’s illegal not to hire her. It’s not.

I am going to stand by my decision to not hire her. I plan to tell her father that I found someone else, and I’ll thank him for sending her my way.

I will not hire a former adult film star.  Her assets put our assets at risk.