I’m unPinterested

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Over the past few months some of you might have seen all the commotion surrounding the site Pinterest. It’s not new, it’s been around for over a year, but it was mainly a site used by Mommy Bloggers, crafters, home design folks, etc.  Somehow, in the past 90 days, Pinterest jumped-the-shark in the HR/Talent community and everyone is following everyone!

My wife started using Pinterest over a year ago, and I saw it, she invited me, I accepted, but really never gave it another thought.  I did start to use it for really one main item – motivational quotes.  You see I have two things working against me: 1. My undergrad is Elementary Ed – I like making bulletin boards!  2. I run a recruiting company – which gives me access to a bulletin board and a team of recruiters that I like to put up motivating quotes for.  Pinterest gave me an easy way to find and save ideas for my little boards.

Sackett’s Motivational Board!

That’s it.  That is the entire reason why I would even spend 30 seconds on a site like Pinterest.  So, I’m sitting here wondering why all these talent/HR Pros have jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon?  I keep waiting for the great HR blog posts on how Pinterst is the next evolution of Performance Management, or how you can use the Pinterest platform to recruit top talent. And I wait…

You see, Pinterest has nothing to offer HR or Talent Pros.  This is one of those odd quirks of our new social media world – we too often get caught up in the new shiny object and although we don’t know yet how it will help us, we just jump feet first into it, believing that it must – because why would so many other people be joining.

Let’s face it – I think highly of a ton of HR/Talent Pros in our space – but I could really care less that you have a watch fetish, or a shoe fetish, or that you love bathroom designs, or that you collect photos of baby seals – it really doesn’t matter to me.  That’s cool for you – but I don’t feel this deep seeded need to show you all what I like.  Believe me I tried – I tried to put some boards together and give it a shot – and each time I “pinned” something, I thought to myself – “who the hell am I pinning this for?”  So, some of you can see I like shoes?!  I like shoes, but I don’t need you to know that – and I actually feel pity for someone who wants to know that I like shoes.  That’s kind of weird in a stalkerish way.

So, Pin away, find cool stuff, organize everything that catches your eye – and if you find a better way to deliver performance feedback – let me know, so I can pin it to my board “HR/Talent Stuff That Actually Works” – which is currently empty.