Steve Boese wants you to Skip the Assessment and Head Over to Facebook

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I’m going to submit this one without much comment, I’d rather you, the gentle readers, think about it’s relevance, accuracy, and relative importance for hiring, job seeking, and for the million, (billion?), dollar industry that provided employment screening, background checking, and various other pre-employment services.

Dateline: Chicago

Headline:  ‘Facebook and Job Performance: New study finds social networking site profile pages can be an indicator of future job success.’

The Chicago Tribune article describing the findings of a Northwestern University study, led by Management Professor Donald Kluemper, that attempted to test the theory that quick, 10-minute scans of a job candidate’s Facebook profile would be a better indicator of eventual job performance than the typical behavioral and IQ tests that many companies administer as part of the screening process.

What did the study find?

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