The CYA Report E7: Guest David Wilkins, VP of Research at Taleo

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The CYA Report is a free flowing, sometimes mature, discussion of HR and Talent Issues. On today’s show, we have guest David Wilkins, VP of Research at Taleo, on shortages in skilled labor and the decrease in young workers.

Hosts: Kris Dunn and Dawn Burke

Interview SegmentTim Sackett 

Producer: Holland Dombeck


intro – The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – “Someday I Suppose”

interview – Cypress Hill – “Rock Superstar”

outro – The Beastie Boys – “Egg Man”

bonus compilation – KD & Bon Jovi – “Living in Sin”

00:40 – Kris Dunn and Dawn Burke discuss DB’s alter rockstar alter ego.

03:09 – Your hosts weigh in on 1. Domestic Partners Finding Some Tax Relief on Health Benefits

and 2. Employer’s Adding Automatic Enrollment to DC Plans , in today’s news.

16:20 – Word from our sponsor:

17:22 – Interview with David Wilkins, VP of Research at Taleo.

30:08 – The big finish – The CYA Report gang discuss what they learned from today’s show.