3 Reasons You Should Be Video Interviewing

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A week from today, Kris Dunn and I will be dropping some knowledge on some of our HR peers on How To Use Video in Your HR Shop – It’s Free – It’s 60 minutes – you’ll probably waste at least that much time next week talking with Sandy at the water cooler about the new Bachelorette and how much the new girl so totally doesn’t deserve to be there.  While we will be talking about 5 Ways to Use Video to Raise Your HR and Recruiting Game.  Sales pitch aside, I can’t get off one of those ways, which is completely changing HR and Talent across the world right now – Video Interviewing and Screening.

Yeah I know,  it’s not new – but what is new, is that technology has finally caught up to what we needed in HR – Simple, fast and user friendly.  Video Interviewing and Screening is a game changer for HR and organizations when you are trying to get the best talent.

So, here are 3 Reasons You Should Be Using Video Interviewing:

1. You have less budget money every year – this will save you a ton on your candidate travel expense.  You can then use this in other areas where you really need it – think engagement, upgrade to employee referral program, etc.

2. Your hiring managers are dumb.  Well, not really, but while reading a resume “takes too much time”, you will be amazed at how many short candidate videos they will watch!

3. It’s not hard – we’ll show you – and you will be more technologically savvy then the rest of your organization!

Register right now and FOT will send you a HR/Talent Video Tool Kit – just for registering!


It might be the best 60 minutes you spend next week – even if you miss some Bachelorette gossip!

Tim Sackett

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