FOT WEBINAR: Make your Lame Management Training Not Suck By Using Video

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Short version: Tim Sackett and I are doing a webinar this Wednesday, May 23rd, at 1pm EST on using video in your HR practice – sign up here. You’ll be glad you did.

Long version – the name of the webinar is Five Ways to Use Video to Raise Your HR and Recruiting Game.

You know you need it.  So sign up.  We’ll cover ways to get your video game going with your employment brand, interviewing, training and this one I want to talk about today – management training.

Your management training is lame.  You know it is.  So we’re going to use a real life training opportunity to go through how to use video to make your managers better…wait for it…. managers…..

Check it:

We’ll break it down for you by showing you a real life tool we need to train on:

Then, we’ll show you the wrong way to use video…  Lame video of a Pat Sajak-like character repeatedly hitting on a woman in harassment training anyone?

But wait!!! We’ve got the right way!!  We’ll break down the best way to use video to engage your managers in whatever it is that you want to train them on, and they’ll actually have a chance of being able to display the wisdom you’re imparting on them if you use our approach!

Who’s this sharp guy featured in the training?  Clooney?  A young Pat Riley in a corporate office?

Sign up here. You’ll be glad you did.  So will we.  See you on Wednesday.