The FOT July Webinar: Bootstrap Your Employment Brand the FOT Way

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Editor’s Note: FOT would like to thank everyone that registered for “Bootstrap Your Employment Brand Your Brand the FOT Way” – you are now the few, the proud, the employment brand elite. Our FOT Hosts, Steve Boese and Kris Dunn, had a great time presenting and would like to give a special shout out to the fine folks at TweetMyJobs, for sponsoring the event. If you were unable to attend, no worries –  click here for the slides…


Bootstrap Your Employment Brand the FOT Way – with Straight Talk, Tough Love and Full Transparency

We know. You’re tired of hearing about the way Zappos is branding their culture.  You get it – they’re cool. Well, we’ve got some bad news for you – the days of doing nothing to share your culture and just throwing up a bland job posting to drive applications has come and gone – kind of like LL Cool J’s acting career. So you need to do something related to sharing your company’s brand and culture.  Don’t panic – you don’t have to be Zappos to be in a position to share what’s going on in your company and make people want to work there.  You just need to be authentic, embrace your real culture, and hook people on your story – but please, don’t call it a comeback.

Fistful of Talent is back with the July installment of the FOT webinar, brought to you by our innovative friends at TweetMyJobs. Join hosts Kris Dunn and Steve Boese, as they deliver:  Bootstrap Your Employment Brand the FOT Way, and serve up the following:

  • A Quick-Hitting Approach to Building Your EVP.  Forget what you think your employment brand is.  If you took a poll of managers, employees and candidates, what would they say is in it for them in exchange for working for you?  FOT’s going to break down a low cost way for you to determine your EVP and get some fresh ammo for your recruiting brand.
  • How to Create Cool Content to Support Your EVP.  It’s easy to say that you’re going build content to support your EVP.  Problem is, you say that, then work happens and you look up and you’ve gone another quarter without doing much of anything.  The FOT team will walk you through how to develop a low-cost, low-pain way to develop quick hitting content that supports your EVP.
  • How to Deliver Your Cool EVP Content via Social Media, with the Usual Suspects and TweetMyJobs. Now that you’ve identified your culture via an employment brand-supporting EVP, it’s time to package your message and ship it out to the public via mobile, photos, video, social apps, etc.  But how do you identify the right channel for your brand and by content type? FOT and TweetMyJobs have got you covered. We’ll tell you what works and include some thoughts on distribution from company vs. individual social accounts as well.
  • What You Should Focus on When Gauging Your ROI, Ignoring Clicks and Other Measurement Gibberish. Your message is out and the feedback is rolling in, but how do you filter the relevant from the noise? FOT will bring in TweetMyJobs Co- Founder, Gary Zukowski, to tell you what really matters when it comes to measuring your return on investment in relation to your employment brand – it’s more than click deep.
  • 2-Way Conversations or How to Eat the Dog Food and ease it down with a Kool-Aid chaser.  We’ll wrap up the webinar by walking you through how smart companies get team members fully engaged with the EVP and on the frontlines of building a talent pool that wants to work for you.

Don’t call it a comeback – your EVP has been there for years.  You’ve just never asked the right questions to figure out what people think is in it for them to work at your company.  Join FOT and Tweet My Jobs for this webinar and we’ll show you how to determine your real employment brand via the EVP and share it with the world.

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