5 Things You Need to Know This Week…

Holland Dombeck McCue Holland Dombeck, This Week in HR

You’ve survived another Friday the 13th weekend – congrats on your ability to out maneuver black cats and psychos in hockey masks! Soak in your survival skills with these 5 must reads:

1. Facebook Jobs Could Kill LinkedIn’s Momentum. Facebook is said to be working on a jobs board set to launch later this summer.

2. The Benefits of Being Out of Touch. Companies are finding that productivity increases when employees unplug – but how do we make the shift?

3. Is Time Warner Cable Asking Employees to Spy on Google? [VIDEO] According to GigaOM, Time Warner Cable is promising its Kansas City employees $50 to spy on Google, to “share tips, rumors and rumblings about Google construction or launch activity.”

4. The 6 Brands That Creatives Most [and Least] Want to Work For. What do these 6 brands have in common? Easy – a lesson in what your company should/should not do to attract top creative talent.

5. What are you watching these days? Check out the growing list of programs aimed at the millennial generation and strike up a conversation with those 20 somethings in your office today.

Have a great week – hit us in the comments with some Monday motivation for our readers!