5 Things You Need to Know This Week…

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You’ve survived another Friday the 13th weekend – congrats on your ability to out maneuver black cats and psychos in hockey masks! Soak in your survival skills with these 5 must reads:

1. Facebook Jobs Could Kill LinkedIn’s Momentum. Facebook is said to be working on a jobs board set to launch later this summer.

2. The Benefits of Being Out of Touch. Companies are finding that productivity increases when employees unplug – but how do we make the shift?

3. Is Time Warner Cable Asking Employees to Spy on Google? [VIDEO] According to GigaOM, Time Warner Cable is promising its Kansas City employees $50 to spy on Google, to “share tips, rumors and rumblings about Google construction or launch activity.”

4. The 6 Brands That Creatives Most [and Least] Want to Work For. What do these 6 brands have in common? Easy – a lesson in what your company should/should not do to attract top creative talent.

5. What are you watching these days? Check out the growing list of programs aimed at the millennial generation and strike up a conversation with those 20 somethings in your office today.

Have a great week – hit us in the comments with some Monday motivation for our readers!

Holland Dombeck McCue

Holland Dombeck McCue is the former editor turned blogger here at Fistful of Talent. She plays in the employment branding and B2B marketing space and currently heads up Recruitment Marketing and Global Employment Branding for Delta Air Lines. So, it goes without saying that the opinions shared on FOT are hers and hers alone. She wishes it could go without saying, but hey, Legal runs a tight ship…