Does It Matter Where You Source Candidates?

Kelly Dingee Kelly Dingee, Sourcing

Does it?

I was having a conversation with this blogger the other day, and I left it with the impression that sometimes recruiters feel a degree of inadequacy if they source from one source versus another.  That maybe a higher weight of value is put on the hard to find candidate.

Is there shame in saying you found someone on Monster? CareerBuilder? Indeed?  And who is it shameful to say it to? The candidate? The client? The hiring manager?

What about your internal applicant tracking system?

What about those people with LinkedIn profiles? Or Quora? Or Pinterest?

I operate in the world of the hard-to-find candidate.  I have to make choices, quite often those choices don’t allow me to invest in high priced resume databases.  In my job, it seems like that even the most straight forward req will have an unusual twist.  I joke that I feel like we sometimes specialize in that.  I enjoy the hard to find, because it forces me to try new tactics.  And trying new tactics to source is always a good thing.

But I consider it sourcing malpractice if you don’t use a multi-pronged approach.  Post and pray is an approach.  Running searches through resume databases is an approach, and required if you spent your recruiting dollars to purchase said databases.  When it comes to the concept of free, the online world is your oyster.  There are pearls everywhere.  Does it matter to me if someone’s on Indeed? Or LinkedIn? Or I found their name in an Excel spreadsheet and researched their background?

Nope.  Some of those people have taken an active, and dare I say traditional approach, in their job search.  If they posted their resume, good for them, they’re playing the game from 2000 and to be honest, will probably be found by many recruiters.  If they’ve taken the time to build an online profile somewhere and included professional information, bravo again.  If they’ve applied directly and are hoping, maybe praying, that you actually mine your database like you profess, more kudos.  I don’t think they should be discounted or thought of as clearance merchandise.  Certainly I will always have to dig deeper, because the boss-man keeps giving me reqs with a twist.

Am I to judge a candidate because of their method? Call them the “low hanging fruit”? Nope.  Am I to judge a sourcer that can find the pearl in Monster vs. LinkedIn vs. some other method? Nope.  All are approaches. And if you find… and more importantly hire… the right candidate, it really doesn’t matter.