Kris Dunn offers A Quick Way to Make Traditional Performance Review Formats More About Employee Development…

Kris Dunn Worldwide FOT

Quick idea today from the front-lines on performance management.  Regardless of how progressive you are, most HR pros are in various stages of implementation with a performance system that has the following horizontal components:


-How we’re gonig to measure it

-How you did in the rating period in question


Read the whole post over at Kris Dunn’s The HR Capitalist (an FOT contributor blog)

Kris Dunn

Kris Dunn is a Partner and CHRO at Kinetix, a national RPO firm for growth companies headquartered in Atlanta. He’s also the founder Fistful of Talent (founded in 2008) and The HR Capitalist (2007) – and has written over 70 feature columns at Workforce Management magazine. Prior to his investment at Kinetix, Kris served in HR leadership roles at DAXKO, Charter and Cingular. In his spare time, KD hits the road as a speaker and gives the world what it needs – pop culture references linked to Human Capital street smarts.