The CYA Report E23: Creating a New Contingent Culture

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The CYA Report is a free flowing, sometimes mature discussion of HR and talent issues. On today’s special edition episode we have Ed Frauenheim, Senior Editor at Workforce Management Magazine and, on his upcoming feature Creating a New Contingent Culture, dropping Monday August 6.

Hosts: Kris Dunn & Ed Frauenheim

Guests: Sharron Wood & Steve Youll

Producer: Holland Dombeck


intro  – Mighty Mighty Bosstones “Someday I Suppose”

transition 1 – Everclear “Everything to Everyone”

transition 2 – No Doubt “Just a Girl’

close – Stone Temple Pilots “Interstate Love Song”

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00:34 – Kris Dunn is joined by Ed Frauenheim to introduce the topic of contingent labor.

10:12 – Sharron Wood a Contractor, on the mutual benefits of getting to know your contractors’ skills/passions well. Connect to Sharron via

20:38 – Steve Youll, a HR Strategic Planning Analyst at Greif, on the growing importance of high-skill contingents and the kind of relationship that’s needed with them. Connect to Steve via

33:11 – The Big Finish.