Doomed – Counteroffers, Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger

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I'm sure you're wondering how I'll make the connection between counteroffers and the engagement of Avril Lavigne and Nickelback's frontman, Chad Kroeger.

Wait….I already did.  I used the word “doomed“.

If that isn't enough to convince you, here's a handy comparison list as you (candidate) or you (potential employer) or you (current employer) think about counteroffers and the impending nuptials of the Canadian rockers.

  • Counteroffer (Candidate) vs. Avril + Chad

As a candidate, receiving a counteroffer should make you sad.  Sad that your current boss just realized how critical you are; sad that he/she just realized how much you are worth in the market; or just plain sad that your boss is freaking out about how long it will take to replace you so therefore throws more money or a different title at you to starve off his/her pain.

Avril + Chad – well, it's just sad.  They've known each other for 6 months, there's a 10-year age gap and neither had met the other's parents (therefore have NO insight into how each other will look when they are 60!).

  • Counteroffer (Potential Employer) vs. Avril + Chad

Hearing the news as the potential employer your candidate has a counteroffer in hand AND is considering it, should give you pause.  Was the candidate playing you vs. their current employer?  Was your interview process not thorough enough (or was it too painful)?  Did you low-ball the ca

ndidate as part of “negotiations”?

Avril + Chad – Hmmm, one divorce and then a 2 year gig with Brody Jenner for Skater Girl which ended in January, the month before her “collaboration” with Chad.  Wonder if Chad's interview process was thorough enough?

  • Counteroffer (Current Employer) vs. Avril + Chad

Unless you had the new nameplate and promotion check ready to hand over, as a current employer nothing about a counteroffer is redeeming.  It reeks of desperation, of poor recognition, of even poorer planning!  It says to your employee with one foot out-the-door, “Hey, I know I can easily buy you with a pay bump, a new title or meaty project….so just run back to your desk and get on with your work.”  Employees who then consider staying or worse yet – stay – will always considered as having one foot out-the-door and trust is lost on both sides.

Avril + Chad – Does an enormous 14-carat ring reek of desperation?  Seriously, it's bigger than her head.

I'm sure there are some counteroffers that work out; however, none that I've been a party to (on either side) have turned out stellar.  Sure there's the honeymoon period, fresh-start, feeling lots of love – and then BAM.  You wake up next to someone who once referred to you as her brother and realize all the songs about hot chicks and drinking that made you popular are going to have have a more wholesome vibe from now on.

Doomed, I tell ya.