The Carnival of HR: The Big Tent of Total Rewards

Holland Dombeck McCue Ann Bares, Compensation/Cash Money, Worldwide FOT

Ann Bares and the team at The Compensation Cafe are pleased to present a special edition of the Carnival of HR, which they have dubbed the Big Tent of Total Rewards. Under the “Big Tent” you will find submissions from a number of writers in the HR Blogosphere, including FOT's own Any Porter and Paul Hebert. The topic of the conve

rsation is rewards and the writers featured (most of whom are not compensation specialists) bring up essential points surrounding  reward design.

Check out The Big Tent of Total Rewards and the featured bloggers here

Holland Dombeck McCue

Holland Dombeck McCue is the former editor turned blogger here at Fistful of Talent. She plays in the employment branding and B2B marketing space and currently heads up Recruitment Marketing and Global Employment Branding for Delta Air Lines. So, it goes without saying that the opinions shared on FOT are hers and hers alone. She wishes it could go without saying, but hey, Legal runs a tight ship…