Awesome Cover Letter – Just Not for the Job that was Posted!

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I've been in the HR and recruiting business for a long time now and I'm not easily surprised by what I see in job applications.  Well, I was recently surprised!  I have an 8 month old daughter and in our quest to maintain some semblance of a normal adult lifestyle we've been on the hunt for a babysitter.  Our job posting stated pretty clearly what we were seeking – a babysitter who was available 2 days a week for a couple of hours in the afternoon and one night every other weekend.  Our main requirement was having previous experience caring for infants.  And here's what I received.  I can't decide if I love it or hate it – you be the judge.  This woman has accomplished more in her teen years than I accomplished by the time I was 30!

Remember, the job posting was for a babysitter!

To whom this may concern my name is Jane Smith and I have lived on Cape Cod my entire life, I am currently following my dream and attending MassArt for Fashion Design. My main focus is costume design and I am entirely devoted to both sewing and designing. I am passionate, determined and love a challenge. I love children and have always had a way of bringing out the best and creating excitement for any situation. To bring happiness to anyone including children is such an honor and privilege. This job would be both a blessing and something I would take pride in.

I started sewing four years ago when I took the fashion class at Barnstable High school. I have now made over seventy garments. I have participated in art shows and fashion shows and have had several pieces within these shows. I was on the front cover of the Rising Stars in the Cape Cod Times and I also was in the Washington Post for both my fashion designing and determination.   As you will see I have made things for formal occasions and casual settings. I am able to also revamp garments to make them more modern, a

s well as use unconventional materials to create everyday attire. (Such as using a laundry hamper liner to create a sundress and newspaper to create a top.)

 I have been associated with two Unitarian Universalist churches for my whole life. I attend both First Parish Brewster and also Barnstable Unitarian; I was on the board for social justice and am an active member of the Gay Straight Alliance. I have been an ally for my high school and colleges GSA for several years. I also have rowed for Cape Cod Rowing through high school and attend karate classes at the Barnstable YMCA. I was also part of the Free Tibet club, Fashion Club, and Art Honors Society. I have written for a medical journal and was a featured speaker amongst several physicians at a medical conference in Chicago. In addition my poetry has been selected to be published within a collection of young poets throughout the Cape.   I have volunteered to teach a dozen middle school girls how to hand sew over a 5 week program Barnstable middle school created for enrichment. I additionally volunteered at the Boston Children’s Hospital to help sew pillow cases for children with cancer and I am currently in the process of becoming an official volunteer for the hospital.  I recently came back from working for 2 months at an overnight camp in PA where I gained a great deal of experience with taking care of 8 nine year old girls and teaching large art classes for children of all ages.

I hope to hear from you soon and appreciate your time. Feel free to call me with any questions or concerns. I would love to meet with you to discuss the prospect of babysitting for your child.

Just reading this makes me tired!

I don't think she's the right person to take care of my daughter but I feel like I need to give her a call.  Either to give some advice on how to apply for jobs or to hire her for something on the spot!