C'mon LinkedIn…bring your A-Game already…

Kelly Dingee Kelly Dingee, Social Network Analysis, Sourcing

Anyone else getting inundated with LinkedIn invitations lately?

I am.  Hundreds every night.  I'm a friendly gal, but not that friendly.  Oddly enough all these invites appear to be from “Human Resources”.  From all over the world.   Who knew I had such an incredible international presence? (I'm being sarcastic here…)

Yes, “Human Resources” profiles from all over want to connect.  The profiles are pretty much empty.  Sometimes there's an effort to list some education, which is startling that so many people from top notch universities can fill in their education but not where they work?!  And they've taken the time to join 50 groups.  Hmmm.

Often these profiles have a couple hundred or so connections.  I'm guessing it's all their “Human Resources” counterparts.  And those people that aren't as cynical as me.

But wait.  It gets better.  Then there are profiles like these:

Twinsies! I'll be damned, two HR pro's that

look exactly like but live in different areas…that's a doppelganger phenom right?  Yeah, I don't think so.

Seems like LinkedIn is in need of some quality control.  I pay to play guys.  And I champion your site.  Google has this feature where you can drag and drop an image to search on it…I'm thinking there's some kind of programming magic you can work to gather up all the profiles with duplicate avatars.  Or better yet, it's like playing memory with a 5 year old.  Put up a big ol' screen and start running these profile pictures to see how many matches we can get!

I'd help you out, but see there's this problem.  I can accept invites en masse, as well as ignore en masse but for some strange reason you want me to report spam individually.  Let me say this again.  I'm getting hundreds of these.  Hundreds.

And we won't even get into the discussion if I'm getting hundreds, how many are there out there? What does that do to the volume of the LinkedIn membership number?

It's time for some quality control.  Stat.

**Update: Quick and easy way to kill the spam? Change the email you login with and adjust your settings to refuse introductions.  Did this for 24 hours and it stopped the spam in its tracks.