Let's Discuss: Is LinkedIn a Job Board?

Kelly Dingee Kelly Dingee, Recruiting, Social Network Analysis, Social Recruiting, Sourcing

I'm going to waffle on this one folks.

Yes – because you can post jobs and find potential candidates.

But, at the same time, my “no's” are a little lengthier.

  • No… because the postings where candidates really engage are within the groups under career discussions.  Because the candidates are seeing a real person tied to the post, not just some bot.
  • No… because fee based postings are…well pardon my French…crap.  More and more I ask Fortune 500 recruiters if they're getting hires from these and it seems that the No's outweigh the Yes'.
  • No… because so many people don't treat creating a profile on LinkedIn the way they treat posting a resume on Indeed or CareerBuilder or ClearedJobs.Net.  The information posted is selective.
  • No… because job seekers still aren't completely convinced LinkedIn can impact their job search.  They're buying the company line of only connecting to those they know as opposed to looking at the site strategically.  Like if I want to work in Frederick, Maryland, I damn well better connect to everyone I know, and don't know, in Frederick, Maryland.
  • No… because HR is scared of LinkedIn, it's either giving too much informatio

    n or they're nervous about seeing pics of candidates before they see profiles (hint: check out account settings.)  And hell, the lawyers are telling them they can't connect with anyone on social media anyhow.

  • No… because there isn't the level of engagement possible on a job board that there is on LinkedIn.  I come in contact with a person, and don't have a job for them but they introduce me to two of their friends.  I connect with those friends and have expanded my network exponentially by 40,000 people.  My reach to source and share information has just grown tremendously in a measurable way that I can't do with a standard job board.
  • No because information there today could be gone tomorrow, or the next day, or 3 months from now.  Particularly if you're sourcing from LinkedIn via Google you'll find that your results change and some profiles don't surface again.  Unlike the typical job board where you can dive in continuously to the archives.

Maybe, instead of questioning whether LinkedIn is a job board we should ask a different question.  Is it a name generation tool?  Yes, yes it is.  And from a recruiting perspective, names are gold.

What do you think? Hit me in the comments…