Paul Hebert asks Does Asking Washington for Help Signal Desperation for Incentive Industry?

Paul Hebert Worldwide FOT

(I’m thinking I’ll get some heat on this one…)

This thought crossed my mind this morning…

Is asking the government to intervene in an industry a sure sign you’ve lost your real value as a business?

I think this might have bubbled up because I was dealing with a Debate #1 hangover this morning, so the whole idea of government was on my mind – and – I read the most recent “Incentive Industry Rou

ndtable” discussion on Incentive Magazine’s website.

It’s pretty long (hey – Incentive Mag – have button for “see on one page” please! There are 8 “pages” I had to click through.) It covers a lot of ground but a small piece in the middle got my attention and started me thinking.

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